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Raw materials for dietary supplements

Research-and-Production Company “Vilarus” specializes in manufacturing of natural powdered dry extracts, raw materials for special dietary supplements, products which are used as food additives to the diet, and include dietary supplements, parapharmaceutical products, special foods, nutrition for athletes and baby food.

Our enterprise has modern production base, products are subjected to obligatory control and sanitation research.

For production we use only natural vegetable raw materials harvested in the organic farming, as well as in the reserves and sanctuaries with a high content of active ingredients.

Our experts are ready to develop for the customer particular extracts with the specified technological parameters: the intensity of natural pigments, the content of active ingredients, etc.

Description: homogeneous powder with color and odor with peculiar characteristic to the used vegetable raw material.

Production method: drying liquid extracts of vegetable raw materials made in spray installation designed in Denmark.

Packing:  plastic bags, sacks, cardboard winding drums.

Price: according to the price.

Payment terms:  negotiable.

Ltd Research-and-Production Company “Vilarus” offers for the order dry extracts in a wide range (about 120 titles).

We consider a proposal for the production of extracts from other types of vegetable raw materials.