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Ltd Research-and-Production Company “Vilarus” offers dry plant extracts containing B vitamins

Name Dry extract Pharmacological effect
Vitamin B1 The extract of green peas;
The extract of celery;
Extract of sprouted wheat;
Paprika extract;
Extract of watercress.
Recommended to use with vitamin C which is required for the regulation of the heart muscle and the nervous system.
Vitamin B2 Broccoli extract;
Carrot extract;
Rosehip extract;
Lentil extract;
The extract of apricot.
Recommended in combination with vitamin В1 and В6.
Regulates the activity of nervous system. Gastro - intestinal tract.
Vitamin B3 Currant fruit extract;
Cherry extract;
The extract of apricot;
The extract of cauliflower;
Asparagus extract;
Oyster mushroom extract.
Clinical signs of lack: slowing growth, skin lesions, graying, disruption of the gastro - intestinal tract, nervous system.
Vitamin B6 Plum extract;
Currant fruit extract;
Apple extract;
Potato extract;
Sea -buckthorn extract.
The lack of vitamin B6 in the body can cause anemia, dermatitis.
Vitamin B6(folic acid) Bean extract;
The extract of spinach;
Broccoli extract.
Enhances the hematopoietic function, important in the metabolism of proteins, has a positive effect on fat metabolism of a liver.

Production method: drying liquid extracts of vegetable raw materials made in spray installation designed in Denmark.

Packing: plastic bags, sacks, cardboard winding drums.

Price: according to the price.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 kg.