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Plant extracts.

Plants produce a large number of complex chemical compounds.

The extracts from plants, are very special. In terms of its structure complexity, it is impossible to replace them with synthetic, and based on the fact that the plants contain a complex set of bioactive substances which are complementing each other, it is impossible to reproduce it by synthesis.

By means of natural active complexes it is possible to regulate many processes in the body, for example, to accelerate wound healing, to regulate the sebaceous glands, to reduce tissue swelling, anti-aging function and moisturizing the skin.

Our extracts possess pharmaceutical and cosmetic properties.

We offer a wide range of extracts from plants, fruits and algae for manufacturers of cosmetic products and household chemicals.

- Water-alcohol-glycerine extracts (over 250 titles);

- Propylene glycol extracts (over 250 titles);

- Oil extracts (over 200 titles);

- Water-glycerol extracts (over 200 titles);

- Dry extracts (over 100 items).

We produce not only mono-extracts but also herbal and fruits complexes selecting compounds in a special way to achieve the desired cosmetic effect.

We consider a proposal for the production of extracts from other types of plant materials or plant groups at your request.