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Herbal distillate (Hydrolate).

We offer the floral water - ingredient for cosmetic products, as well as ready cosmetic products.

Floral water is obtained by a special technology which provides the products with maximum saturation of water-soluble biologically - active substances and essential oils.

For cosmetic purposes may be used in the composition of lotions, tonics, gels, shampoos, etc.

We offer a wide range of products (more than 40 items) of 100% natural hydrolates.

1. The hydrolate of a tea rose - moisturizing, cleansing, toning. Has an antiseptic effect on problematic skin.

2. The camomile hydrolate - contains azulene. Reduces inflammation and irritation of the skin.

3. The mint hydrolate - contains natural menthol, perfectly refreshes and tones the skin.

4. The sage hydrolate - cleans and refreshes the skin, making it supple. Prevents the formation of acne. Normalizes the moisture balance and increases blood circulation.

5. The lavender hydrolate - suitable for all skin types. Soothes inflammation, soothes the skin after sun treatments, shaving or other irritation.

6. Hydrolate of black caraway - perfect care for mature skin.

7. The cornflower hydrolate - relieves swelling, suitable for sensitive skin care of eyelids and area of decollete.

8. The linden hydrolate - perfect for dry, mature skin. Improves the skin, giving it a fresh look. Can be used in hair care.

9. The parsley hydrolate - gives a decongestant, soothing and toning effects. Brightens the skin.

10. The lotus hydrolate - is used for mature skin. Tones and whitens, removes puffiness.

11. The lime hydrolate - is used for problematic skin with extended pores. It has a toning and refreshing effect.

The floral water can be made at your request and up to your own recipe.