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About us : Research-and-production company "Vilarus"

Our company operates at the market of raw materials cosmetic since 2004. We are the manufacturer of a wide range of cosmetic raw materials for the production of perfume and cosmetic products and household chemicals.

There are more than 200 kinds of plant and fruit extracts, at our disposal as well as other components of the cosmetic raw materials. In addition to the mono-extracts the company manufactures complexes from vegetable raw materials, selecting a special structure to achieve a required cosmetic effect.

The extraction of biologically active components is carried out using special equipment. The uniqueness of this process is provided by the deep vacuum and benign temperatures. Thus we can provide a high level of concentration, and hence the biological activity of the complexes produced. Products were created by combining biologically active substances of plants and unique mineral composition of extracts from medicinal mud.

In 2005 the range of the company filled up a product, known as placenta hydrolyzate.

In 2007, the company offered their partners products such as a hydrolyzate of silk protein, beta-glucan, made from oats, cereal protein hydrolysates, hydrolyzate of caviar, milk protein hydrolyzate, marine collagen and elastin.

In 2008 the range of the company was filled up by products unique in its cosmetic properties, such as chrysalid oil and bio-gold. The company is constantly working on improving the technical equipment.

Since 2010, was commissioned a new division for the production of dry extracts for cosmetics and special foods (dietary supplement).

Since 2011 we have been producing cosmetic products in ampoules.

The company has modern production equipment; equipped with analytical, microbiological laboratories; certified specialists, including biotechnology, microbiologists, chemists and analysts.

We are studying the potential of plants, combine the power of nature and the latest scientific research. A good source of raw materials and efficient technologies allow us to produce a wide range of biologically active substances for professional cosmetics and cosmetic of widespread use.

We create a formula rich in natural active ingredients using the knowledge of chemists, engineers, microbiologists, phytotherapeutists and cosmetologists.

All products are certified and tested on safety by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.