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Packaging services in ampoules.

Research-and-production company “VILARUS” offers services of the production of cosmetic products" of private labels ", as well as our own cosmetic ingredients in a 10 ml vial.

We provide the operation of substitution of air in the vial with a purified inert gas, which can significantly increase the shelf life of drugs, eliminating the access of oxygen.

The possibility of packing:

1. Serums

2. Oils

3. Bio-actives: collagen, elastin, biogold, protein hydrolyzate caviar.

Packaging services of special foodstuff in bottles.

We offer services for packaging of alcoholic and aqueous solutions, as well as other little corrosive liquids in bottles of 25 and 200 ml, followed by capping them with polymer caps.

Filling in bottles :

1. Drops;

2. Tinctures;

3. Syrups;

4. Extracts;

5. Cosmetic oils.