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СО2 Extracts.

In 2015, our company has mastered the extraction of biologically - active substances from plants using supercritical fluid - carbon dioxide (СО2).

In the nature the substances in a supercritical state are found in underwater volcanoes, where the pressure and temperature exceed the critical parameters of the water. The atmosphere of Venus is made up mainly of carbon dioxide. It is a supercritical fluid. The temperature at the surface is about 450 °C, while the pressure is 90 bar.

By using the special equipment, varying levels of pressure and supercritical temperature of carbon dioxide, we are changing the solvent ability of the fluid, which allowed to obtain the fraction of the active compounds enriched with various components.

As the inert gas Carbon dioxide is not able to oxidize and break the cell structure of the plant that retains its useful properties. The extracts obtained using the supercritical СО2 extraction does not contain residual amounts of solvent, which improves its quality.

This way of producing extracts has several advantages:

- Its naturalness and environmental friendliness

- High activity of the extract;

- Intense natural aroma, similar to the smell of raw material;

- Complete preservation properties of plants used for obtaining an extract;

- Sterility and bactericidal properties of СО2 extracts prolong their shelf life and allowed to use them without any additional preservatives.

It was important for us to introduce environmentally friendly process that excludes pollution.

We offer a highly concentrated natural extract without organic impurities from natural raw materials obtained by supercritical fluid СО2 extraction.