Raw materials for professional cosmetics

Developing new lines of natural ingredients for cosmetic products, we are guided by:

1. Individual demand of manufacturers of perfumery and cosmetic products.

2. Development trends of perfumes and cosmetics.

Our goal. By means of BAS to realize the purpose of all cosmetic products - the prevention or treatment of cosmetic defects that emerge in humans, due to its pathological or age-related changes.

We set the task of creating products that not only can fill in the skin lack of certain substances on the principle of substitution therapy, but also to work at the cellular level.

ДFor salons, professional cosmetologists we offer a range of hair care, skin care products developed with the consideration of synergistic derma-cosmetic activity.

At our disposal:

- Systems for humidification;

- Natural fruit acids;

- Complexes for micro-dermabrasion and AHAs peel;

- Peeling system;

- Anti-aging care;

- Complexes for hair care;

- Facilities for oily skin;

- Complex anti-rosacea;

- Complex anti-cellulite.