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Dear ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the website of the Research-and-production company "VILARUS"

Ltd Research-and-Production Company “Vilarus” successfully works at the Ukrainian market of natural raw cosmetic materials since 2004.

We provide our partners with high quality natural products and original technological development in the field of raw materials cosmetic.

Our reputation depends not only on how effectively and qualitatively we satisfy inquiries of our customers, but from health and beauty of a large number of people.

Ltd Research-and-Production Company “Vilarus” has its own production line on processing of vegetable and medicinal raw materials for receiving the liquid, dense and dry extracts which are natural ingredients in production of cosmetics, foodstuff and dietary supplement.

Our experts have developed a technology for the manufacture of herbal extracts, and it was succeeded to keep all of the unique properties of live plants. The whole process is controlled.

There are two laboratories at our disposal: the physicochemical and microbiological control. We study the potential of plants, combine the power of nature with the latest scientific researches.

The good source of raw materials and efficient technologies allowed us to produce a wide range of biologically active substances for professional cosmetics and cosmetics for general use.

Using the knowledge of chemists, technologists, microbiologists, phytotherapists, cosmetologists we can create the formulas rich in natural active ingredients.

All products are certified and tested on safety by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Our team is a successful combination of youth, enthusiasm and professionalism. Day after day we confirm our motto «The Power of live plants in a drop of extract!»

We seek to move forward together with our partners, solving problems and sharing successes.

As suppliers, we offer our clients a wide range of quality raw materials for reasonable prices, technological and consulting support, professional approach to each client, favorable conditions of cooperation.

The company cooperates and manufactures products for 60 companies in Ukraine - the recognized leaders of the cosmetic business, and also we export our products to Georgia, Uzbekistan.