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Functions: 2-5% solution of marine collagen taken from the dermis of herbivorous fish.

Description:Collagen is used as a part of moisturizers skin care products, due to its ability to keep moisture and to absorb it 30 times more than its own weight.

It has a plastic function. It is significantly improves the collagen fibers, gives the skin elasticity, increases turgor, smoothes wrinkles, gives a lifting effect.

It has a function to restores damaged hair shell and its inner structure, gives elasticity and shine.


As part of regenerating cream, anti-cellulite, anti-inflammatory lotions, moisturizers tonics, shampoos and hair balm, cream soap.

In light creams and gels for the eyelids and lips, as well as masks, creams and aftershaves.

Recommended dosage: creams, lotions, tonics - 0.2%; serums and masks - 1.0%