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Beta-glucan from oats

Features:The polysaccharide antioxidant.

Description: Protects the skin from premature aging under the influence of adverse environmental factors (UV, air pollution, etc.).

It is used as a means for toning, firming and stimulating internal cellular processes in sluggish, aging and weakened skin.


1. In suntan and after tanning lotions.

2. In day and night creams with anti-stress and support effect, moisturizing compositions.

3. In nutritious, regenerative creams with the rejuvenating actions and creams against premature aging.

4. In gels for acne and oily skin.

5. It is ideal constituent of cosmetic products as it facilitates the penetration of others components through the skin barrier.

6. Both alone and in combination with herbal extracts, recommended for use in different cosmetic products.

Recommended dosage: creams, shampoos - up to 1-5%. tonics – up to 5%. Serum - up to 7%.