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Biogold. Aurum metallicum D6

Functions: biogold and set of plant amino acids.

Description: The innovative combination of gold and plant amino acids, including essential.

Provides long-lasting moisturizing effect, cell regeneration, increases tone, slows the aging process.

Biogold creates the "effect of conductivity" of drugs and increases the skin's ability to absorb the active ingredients.


1. For hardware cosmetology - ultrasound, microcurrents, myostimulation and vacuum. Can be additive to any product.

2. Can be used as a standalone cosmetic product in the morning care for face and body.

3. Can be added to other cosmetic products.

4. To use for mature and problematic skin, as it is a stimulant of metabolic processes of the cell.

Recommended dosage: Serum nutrient - 5%; tonics, gels, creams for mature skin - 1%;
nourishing mask - 5%.