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Silk hydrolyzate

Features: A natural humectant.

Description:Silk protein is perfectly retains moisture and creates a protective film, making the skin soft and helps it not to peel off.

This valuable natural product is easily absorbed, moisturizes and softens the skin, protects the skin from moisture loss, increases its elasticity.

Strengthens hair and prevents moisture loss.


1. Use for moisturizes, nourishes, brighteners creams, with lifting effect and healing of fractures.

2. As part of shampoos, conditioners and hair gels as a protective, moistening, nourishing component helping to keep a long-term hairstyle.

3. Possible to use as a wound healing agent, an agent for treating seborrhoea, as well as a sedative, relieving itching, increased skin sensitization products.

Recommended dosage: creams, shampoos, - up to 5%, tonics - up to 7% serum – up to 15%.