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Placenta hydrolyzate

Description: Besides the moistening effect this cosmetic possesses nourishing, smoothing wrinkles action, as well anti-aging, regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. Also has stimulating, healing and absorbing effects.

The main feature is the ability to hydrate the medium and deep layers of the dermis, which leads to a significant reduction of appearance of wrinkles and smoothing existing ones.

Activates the cellular respiration, accelerates metabolic and reproductive processes in cells of the hair follicles, plays a role in the synthesis of collagen.

Usage: The high level of the amino acid hydrolyzate promotes cell regeneration of hair follicles.

Under the influence of placenta hydrolyzate a cellular metabolism is getting better. Increases the intensity of cellular respiration, improves cellular metabolism, which promotes the renewal of cells epidermis and hair follicles as a result hair becomes stronger.

Recommended dosage:

- Complexes of hair care products 3-5%;

- Serum for facial skin care 5-7%;

- Décolleté care products 5-7%;

- Masks - 10 -15%.